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1  Business premises

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Vaata kõiki kortereid

NoFloorRoomsSizeTerraceBalconym2 PricePricePlan
12373.6m2-2.4m22 308SoldView
22368.3m2--2 195SoldView
32371.7m2--2 197SoldView
42372.7m2-2.4m22 309SoldView
53373.6m2-2.4m22 417SoldView
63368.3m2--2 341SoldView
73371.7m2--2 342SoldView
83372.7m2-2.4m22 414SoldView
94373.6m2-2.4m22 607SoldView
104368.3m2--2 599SoldView
114371.7m2--2 593SoldView
124372.7m2-2.4m22 607SoldView
135373.6m2-2.4m22 702SoldView
145368.3m2--2 780SoldView
155371.7m2--2 760SoldView
165372.7m2-2.4m22 750SoldView
1763103.1m2-2.4m22 812SoldView
186244.1m2--3 172SoldView
196240.8m2--3 184SoldView
2064111.2m2-2.4m22 697SoldView
2173170.8m268.1m22.4m21 931SoldView
227244m2--3 398SoldView
237240.8m2--3 395SoldView
2474164.8m253.6m22.4m22 123SoldView
Vaata korruseplaani
Stroomi residence

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* apartment through building

Business premise 1
134 m2
Business premise 2
56.5 m2
Business premise 3
77.5 m2

* possible to buy together with the apartment nr 22
Owners of the apartments nr 17, 20, 21 and 24 have a possibility to buy personal parking space in the backyard, next to the back door. Price 9000 euros.
Developer has the right to change the prices.
The prices of the apartments include the “Stylish” interior finishing package solution.
For an additional cost you may also choose the “Luxurious” package.
The prices of the “Luxurious” interior finishing package (additional cost):

Apartments 1-16 5000 EUR
Apartments 18,19,22,23 3000 EUR
Apartments 17,20,21,24 7000 EUR